Sectra in brief:

Leading-edge technology to serve the customer

Sectra develops and sells products and services in the areas of medical IT and secure communication. We began as a group of researchers at Linköping University and our links to the research community remain firm. We are dedicated to make the world a better place through technical innovation – in partnership with our customers. Together, we work to create efficient solutions improve our customers’ daily life.

Over the past 35 years, we have evolved from a small group of researchers and postgraduate students to an international company with more than 600 employees across 14 countries. The key to our success is long-term and close collaboration with customers, whose daily life we must understand to the same extent as if we worked there. We combine this with leading-edge expertise in technology and employees who are driven by using their knowledge to help solve our customers’ problems.

Innovations improve quality of life

Innovation is the foundation of our long-term development and Business Innovation is our greenhouse for the future. This area gathers projects and smaller activities that have the potential to succeed over time, in our main areas or other related niches. Our projects include methods and products that contribute to more efficient and higher quality care for some of the most costly diseases. We participate in research that can lead to a better quality of life, greater customer value and cost savings for healthcare and society.

More efficient healthcare without compromising quality

With aging populations that are living longer, at the same time as birth rates are declining, resulting in fewer people to finance care, most countries are faced with a major challenge to healthcare systems. In our medical areas, our solutions enable care providers to serve more patients, while maintaining or improving the quality of care. Medical imaging is increasingly used in diagnostic procedures. Using IT systems enables efficient diagnosis, planning, management, communication and visualization, while ensuring faster and more accurate results throughout the entire care chain.

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Secure communication for a safer and more stable world

Unfortunately, phone calls and messages are relatively easy to intercept using modern technology, and in many areas, this could entail a security threat. In the Secure Communication business area, we contribute to a safer society by helping European governments, authorities, companies and defense departments to communicate securely, so that information reaches its intended recipient and no one else. Our primary products are used to protect the most sensitive information handled by our customers.

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Sectra in brief

Triple-A rating

Sectra has triple-A, the highest credit rating in the Soliditet evaluation system, which is based on approximately 2,400 decision parameters.

Our company has triple-A, the highest credit rating in the Soliditet evaluation system, which is based on approximately 2,400 decision parameters. Moreover, we have had our triple-A rating for more than 5 consecutive years. This information is completely up to date and is refreshed daily via the Soliditet database.