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Evaluating solutions for cross-enterprise sharing

In a true patient-centric scenario, hospitals need simple and cost-efficient ways of sharing images and patient information, without compromising patient integrity or information security. A well-implemented solution for information sharing makes this is possible on every level – local, regional or even national. As a result, better patient diagnosis can be made with significantly reduced need for reimaging, in turn providing healthcare with huge cost savings – and reducing accumulative radiation dose t[…]

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Northwest ImageShare: Linking Images, Clinicians & Care

Northwest ImageShare is breaking new ground—as well as answering the call for greater availability of health information via health exchanges from National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Farzad Mostashari, MD, ScM. This successful and growing exchange focuses exclusively on imaging studies. What’s different is Northwest ImageShare includes a hospital and three physician groups that have put competition aside to share images on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington. It’s working—quite wel[…]


When four competitive health care providers decide to share a PACS, trust is as much a concern as technology.

Economies of Scale Between Competitors: Northwest ImageShare

Four Washington health-care providers located on the Kitsap Peninsula, west of Seattle—Harrison Medical Center, Advanced Medical Imaging, The Doctors Clinic, and Olympic Radiology—knew that having competitors was creating problems for patients.

Integration best practices

Integration within the Healthcare IT environment has been called “many orders of magnitude more complex” than other commonly recognized integrated vertical environments such as Finance and Banking. Understanding and working within this complexity requires specialized IT and trouble-shooting skills, comprehensive understanding of enterprise data flows, and clear and thorough documentation. Sectra utilizes the following best practices for the successful deployment of customer integration projects:

Cross-Enterprise Workflow

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