Sectra RIS/PACS provides radiologists with the environment to perform their work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Instant access to all the tools in one single diagnostic workstation. Efficient planning tools and excellent overviews reduce waiting times to a minimum, supporting fast and accurate diagnoses.

A swift and effective workflow is obtained by the fully automatic status progression system. Triggered by their current status, updated as different tasks are performed in the application, examinations are automatically transferred through the system. This minimizes the number of clicks and guarantees that any examination can easily be tracked at any given point in time.

Sectra workstations are designed to streamline the workflow of every user in their clinical role, enabling them to perform their work as effectively, safely, and quickly as possible. Single workstation reporting with embedded speech recognition further improves your efficiency and productivity.

Coping with the data explosion

Sectra RIS/PACS provides the perfect reading tool in a data-intense environment. Sectra RIS/PACS provides fast transfer of data regardless of whether the image set contains 60, 600, 6,000 or even 60,000 images. A unique image- handling model makes it possible to start working with the images just as quickly regardless of the size of the dataset. In addition, it features an optional easy-to-use, totally integrated 3D- rendering tool facilitating diagnostics through improved overview of data, and visualizes results to the referring physician.

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