Early prognosis for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one of the most disabling diseases in the world. Worldwide, osteoporosis affects one in three women and one in five men. People seldom realize they suffer from osteoporosis until they have their first fracture. There are no early signs of this painful disease, and many women and men do not realize that they could be at risk. Early intervention could dramatically decrease the risk of fractures and prevent years of unnecessary suffering.

With a single, standard X-ray image of the hand, acquired on any digital modality, it is possible to measure peripheral bone mineral density (DXR-BMD). Sectra OneScreen can easily be fully integrated into existing workflows, eliminating manual steps. If individuals with low peripheral BMD are managed using the existing processes for fracture cases, no new processes, roles or equipment are needed. The existing fracture patient list is merely extended to include additional individuals with a similar fracture risk. The procedure is an effective way to detect an increased risk for future fractures, thereby identifying people in need of further evaluation using, for example, central DXA or medication.

Given the efficiency of the solution and the low dose of the examination, it also enables public healthcare providers to implement population-based bone health screening. For private clinics, it is an efficient add-on service either in combination with mammography or an X-Ray examination or as a separate health check-up service.

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Combined with mammography

Sectra OneScreen is especially convenient in combination with mammography. Integrated with the mammography workflow, it is highly efficient even for high-volume screening. The hand X-ray is taken immediately after the breast images, using the same digital radiology equipment, adding on average only about 35 seconds to the overall mammography visit.

Any X-ray equipment

OneScreen can also be used with regular digital X-ray equipment. The post-fracture workflow, for example, can be optimized by integrating Sectra OneScreen into the workflow.

Easy to get started

Since Sectra OneScreen utilizes existing digital equipment, infrastructure and work processes, there is no need for expensive investments or organizational changes to get started. Sectra OneScreen integrates with DICOM and HL7 and is independent of the radiology IT system used.

The technology

Sectra OneScreen uses the patented DXR- technology. The three middle metacarpal bones in the hand are analyzed using digital X-ray radiogrammetry (DXR) technology, which performs a radiogrammetric and textural analysis to estimate the peripheral BMD. The DXR-BMD of an examined individual is compared to a normative reference database to calculate T- and Z-scores. A T-score is a comparison with young adults of the same gender, while a Z-score is a comparison with age-matched reference material. These two values assist physicians in identifying patients at risk of osteoporosis.

Features and benefits

  • Sectra OneScreen calculates peripheral bone mineral density (DXR-BMD) based on a single radiology image acquired on any digital X-ray modality.
  • Sectra OneScreen can be integrated into some existing workflows with minimal added manual work and batch management of measurement results.
  • Sectra OneScreen is easily integrated with existing RIS, PACS and EMRs to facilitate a fully automated workflow.
  • Sectra OneScreen is a high-volume screening tool.
  • Low radiation dose (< 1 µSv).
  • There is no capital investment, license cost is based on volumes.
  • With Sectra OneScreen, you can easily combine a mammography examination with an osteoporosis assessment.
  • The technology used by Sectra OneScreen is CE labeled in Europe and is FDA cleared in the US as a medical device.
  • The DXR- technology has undergone thoroughl clinical evaluation and is well published by researchers worldwide. See clinical references. See clinical references.

Sectra OneScreen is a service based on the FDA cleared and CE marked product Sectra Osteoporosis Package


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