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Study confirms clinical usefulness of the Sectra Table

A scientific study to assess the usefulness of Sectra Table for preoperative planning of orthopedic surgeons was presented at the global conference Visualization 2011 in Providence, Rhode Island, at the end of October. The main development objectives for Sectra Table have been to meet real clinical needs and to offer a very low learning threshold. This was evaluated in the study where five orthopedic surgeons were tasked to perform preoperative planning of complex pelvic fractures after mere five minutes of[…]

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The future is so close you can touch it

Imagine if there wasn’t a device for navigating images, and we had to invent one. What would it look like? Who knows, but it probably wouldn’t be anything as counter-intuitive as today’s keyboard and mouse. At Sectra, we devote a great deal of time to designing the best possible tools for interacting with data. Equipped with the latest touch technology, Sectra Table is the most recent result of our ongoing effort – and it captures the spirit of the times.

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