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Sectra’s vision is to contribute to a healthier and safer society. Here we explain why we exist as a company, what we do and how we distinguish ourselves from other suppliers.


Population growth is resulting in a greater need for healthcare and placing demands on more efficient care

A growing number of people are living longer lives and an aging population requires greater healthcare resources. At the same time, the proportion of people working in healthcare or contributing to the financing of the healthcare sector as taxpayers is decreasing. This is the result of a decline in the number of gainfully employed individuals due to an increase in retirement and falling birth rates. Overall, this is creating enormous challenges for the healthcare systems in most countries. In order to maintain a high level of quality, the healthcare sector is being forced to accomplish more with the same or fewer resources. Sectra’s work enables hospitals across the world to become more effective and thus take care of more patients and save more lives.

Sectra’s work enables hospitals across the world to become more effective and thus take care of more patients and save more lives.

IT development and mobility are making critical societal functions more vulnerable and resulting in stricter information security requirements

Growing use of IT, global mobility and the connection of IT systems to the Internet are contributing to efficiency enhancements in society and simplifying everyday life. These developments also mean that disruptions to IT systems could result in serious consequences for society and the individual and entail a greater risk for eavesdropping and unauthorized data access. This is imposing new requirements in terms of encryption and security solutions for systems used to handle sensitive information. Sectra’s work provides greater security for society’s most critical communication and IT systems, which creates a more stable and safer society.

Sectra provides greater security for society’s most critical communication and IT systems. This contributes to a more stable and secure society.


Offering for more efficient healthcare

Sectra develops IT solutions and services used to store and display medical images, communicate medical reports and facilitate cooperation within and between hospitals. Since medical images play a key role in diagnostics and the determination of an appropriate treatment, these systems are central to the operations of Sectra’s customers. Sectra focuses on solutions that enhance the efficiency of the care chain with respect to illnesses that primarily affect older people. In addition to improving the efficiency of medical image management, Sectra’s solutions facilitate the diagnosis and monitoring of cancer care, orthopaedic surgery, and osteoarthritis. These are some of the most costly areas of the healthcare sector and represent an increasing burden in terms of resources. Sectra also offers solutions that improve medical education.

Sectra’s medical operations are conducted in the Imaging IT Solutions business area and the Business Innovation area.

  • Mission statement
    Increase the effectiveness of healthcare, while maintaining or increasing the quality of care.
  • Customer promise
    Future-proof, effective medical imaging IT solutions delivered by the best people in the industry.
  • Illustration of product offering within Imaging IT Solutions (pdf)
    How Sectra contribute to improved care for cancer patients like Anna

Offering for a more secure society

Sectra develops products and services for secure voice and data communications and the protection of society’s most sensitive infrastructure. A number of Sectra’s products are certified at the highest security classes by the EU, NATO and national security authorities. Customers include government authorities, companies in critical societal sectors and defense organizations. Sectra expanded its market during the year through the launch of products and monitoring services for society’s critical functions, such as electricity and water distribution. By monitioring data traffic in the critical functions’ control systems, Sectra enables customers to act quickly and thus avoid being impacted by abnormal activity.

Sectra’s IT security operations are conducted in the Secure Communications business area.

  • Mission statement
    To strenghten the stability and efficiey of society's most important functions through solutions for critical IT security.
  • Customer promise
    Efficient IT security solutions for a high level of availability delivered by the best people in the industry.
  • Illustration of product offering within Secure Communications (pdf)
    Keep communicating for a more secure world


The knowledge to meet expectations. The passion to exceed them

Sectra’s products are at the forefront of their fields. The company offers highquality solutions recognized for their stability and usability in both Sectra’s own and external customer evaluations. But these evaluations clearly show that what truly distinguishes Sectra from the competition is its employees. Sectra’s customers can expect to work with a group of highly skilled individuals who are more than happy to share their experience. Individuals who are prepared to walk that extra mile to solve their customers’ problems – more than is normally expected from a supplier. Individuals with “The knowledge to meet expectations. The passion to exceed them.” This is why customers choose Sectra and why they remain loyal.

This unique “Sectra spirit” is built on the company’s corporate culture, which is characterized by a sense of responsibility and an environment that also allows for mistakes. A key element of the corporate culture is to “act, and act smart!” At Sectra, this means taking initiative without having to ask your manager, assuming responsibility and acting quickly when necessary in order to solve customers’ problems.

What customers value most – more than the company’s innovative and high-quality products – is Sectra’s employees. Considerable energy is devoted to employing the right people and creating a culture where all employees are always there for the customer. In this photo, Sectra’s CEO explains what it means to be part of the Sectra culture during this year’s “rookie” training, a mandatory program for all new employees.

Sectra’s culture is based on:

  • A strong drive to always meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Continuous improvement and innovations in high-tech fields.
  • Offering solutions that benefit both individuals and society.
  • Taking initiative, assuming responsibility and acting – “act, and act smart!”
  • Collaboration with demanding customers and competent end-users to create solid solutions.
  • Tolerance and respect for each other as individuals and friends.
  • Job satisfaction and humor.

Combined with innovation and technological excellence, this culture forms the basis for Sectra’s success. It is the key to the company’s close, long-term cooperation with its customers. It also gives the company a unique competitive edge. Products can always be copied, but a customer oriented culture that permeates every area of an organization is extremely difficult to replicate when such a culture does not exist.

Highest customer satisfaction in the world – again

Sectra once again had the highest level of customer satisfaction worldwide for 2017, according to the customer satisfaction survey of users of systems for managing and archiving radiology images (PACS), conducted by the analyst company KLAS. Sectra was named “Best in KLAS” in the US, Europe and globally. The annual survey has been conducted three times outside the US and Sectra has won the global category both times. Sectra has had the most satisfied customers in the US for four consecutive years.

More about Sectra's Best in KLAS awards >>

Read also the "Best of breed or single vendor strategy in radiology imaging?" study published by peer60 November 2016. Sectra rated #1 in customer satisfaction regardless of approach.

"Sectra has impressed once again with a very high Net Promoter Score among its PACS customers. No one else seems to be engendering this much loyalty. The fact that Sectra can maintain high scores with both IT approaches is unique," comments Chris Jensen, Executive Vice President of peer60.

Sectra puts its customers first. Avoiding making promises that cannot be kept, striving to meet or exceed customer expectations and working closely with demanding customers are central aspects of Sectra’s culture. The company also regularly conducts its own customer satisfaction surveys in all markets based on a Net Promoter Score (NPS). These surveys provide important information for achieving high customer satisfaction and continuing to develop as a company.

Research and development

Sectra has its roots in research at Linköping University. Its ties with the research community remain strong and the company’s history is marked by innovation and business development that create significant customer value. Sectra conducts research projects together with universities, hospitals and other players around the world. The Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) in Linköping, the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Lund University, Utrecht University in the Netherlands and University Hospitals in Cleveland in the US are a few examples of Sectra’s research partners. Solutions for digital pathology and 3D trauma surgery are examples of the results of successful university collaborations.

Customer-centric product development

In order to maintain a high pace of innovation, Sectra continuously invests in the new and ongoing development of its product offering in existing niches and related product areas. A new, exciting offering of services for monitoring data traffic in the control systems of society’s critical operations was launched during the year. This offering was developed in close cooperation with players in the energy sector in order to ensure that Sectra truly contributes added customer value.

One way to continuously involve customers in the company’s product development in the area of medical IT is Sectra UserInfluence. This is an online forum where Sectra’s developers and product managers engage in a direct dialogue with customers regarding the company’s ongoing development work. The forum allows customers to discuss their development suggestions with Sectra’s employees as well as with other customers. This dialogue and Sectra’s agile development process ensure that the products that are developed actually work in the customer’s daily operations.

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