This is Sectra

Sectra’s vision is to contribute to a healthier and safer society. Here we explain why we exist as a company, what we do and how we distinguish ourselves from other suppliers.

Why Sectra exists

The world’s population trend is placing demands on increased and more efficient care

To maintain a high quality of care despite today’s population trend, the healthcare sector is being forced to accomplish more with the same or fewer resources. Sectra helps hospitals across the world to become more efficient, enabling them to care for more patients and save more lives.

Modern means of communication are making society more vulnerable and require greater security

Eavesdropping, unauthorized data access, and disruptions in communication systems and critical infrastructure could result in serious negative consequences for society and the individual. Sectra helps critical social functions, government officials and diplomats to use modern technology to exchange information securely, thereby contributing to a stable and secure society.


Sectra_logo_anniversarySectra was founded in 1978 by a team of researchers at Linköping University. The founders’ vision—that Sectra would become an international information security and medical IT company—has become a reality. Read more about the company’s history.

Sectra's operating areas

What we do

The combination of medical IT and information security makes Sectra unique. The company’s operations are conducted as separate business areas, with their own resources for research, development, sales and support. Synergies and knowledge sharing between the operations are increasing, partly as a result of the growing need in the healthcare sectors to protect systems and patient data from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.

Offering for more efficient healthcare

Medical images play a key role in diagnostics and the determination of an appropriate treatment. Sectra develops IT solutions and services for storing, viewing and working with medical images. Cancer diseases, osteoarthritis and orthopaedic surgery represent some of the most costly and resource-intensive areas in the healthcare sector—areas where the company’s offering facilitates diagnosis, planning and patient monitoring. Sectra also helps to raise the quality of medical education by providing solutions for interacting with medical images and sharing educational materials.

Sectra’s medical operations are conducted in the Imaging IT Solutions operating area and the Business Innovation area.

  • Mission statement
    Increase the effectiveness of healthcare, while maintaining or increasing the quality of care.
  • Customer promise
    Future-proof, effective medical imaging IT solutions delivered by the best people in the industry.

Offering for a more stable and secure society

The secure transfer of information plays a key role in maintaining stability in many of society’s functions. Sectra develops products and services that increase cybersecurity by protecting some of society’s most sensitive information and communications. The offering includes certified secure voice and data communications as well as security analysis and monitoring of critical IT and OT systems for such functions as electricity and water supply.

Sectra’s IT/OT security operations are conducted in the
Secure Communications business area.

  • Mission statement
    To strenghten the stability and efficiey of society's most important functions through solutions for critical IT security.
  • Customer promise
    Efficient IT security solutions for a high level of availability delivered by the best people in the industry.


The knowledge to meet expectations. The passion to exceed them.

Sectra’s products and services are recognized for their stability and usability. Internal and external customer satisfaction surveys have also clearly shown that what sets Sectra apart from its competitors is its employees—a group of highly skilled individuals who are more than happy to share their experience and are prepared to walk that extra mile to solve customers’ problems. They do everything they can to understand the needs and challenges of their customers, and they use this knowledge to simplify and improve customers’ daily operations. This is why customers choose Sectra and why they remain loyal for a long time.

This unique “Sectra spirit” is built on a strong corporate culture. Combined with innovation and technological excellence, this forms the basis for Sectra’s success. It is also the key to the company’s close, long-term cooperation with its customers.

What customers value most – more than the company’s innovative and high-quality products – is Sectra’s employees. Considerable energy is devoted to employing the right people and creating a culture where all employees are always there for the customer. In this photo, Sectra’s CEO explains what it means to be part of the Sectra culture during a “rookie” training, a mandatory program for all new employees.

Sectra’s culture is based on:

  • A strong drive to always meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Continuous improvement and innovations in high-tech fields.
  • Offering solutions that benefit both individuals and society.
  • Taking initiative, assuming responsibility and acting – “act, and act smart!”
  • Collaboration with demanding customers and competent end-users to create solid solutions.
  • Tolerance and respect for each other as individuals and friends.
  • Job satisfaction and humor.

High customer satisfaction

Sectra puts its customers first. Avoiding making promises that cannot be kept, striving to meet or exceed customer expectations and working closely with demanding customers are central aspects of Sectra’s culture. We have achieved a high customer-retention rate and #1 rankings in independent customer satisfaction surveys – Sectra PACS, for instance, has achieved the unique accolade of winning the “Best in KLAS” award an unprecedented six consecutive years. See how Sectra compare and read our medical IT customers’ stories here: Sectra's Best in KLAS awards.

Read also the "Best of breed or single vendor strategy in radiology imaging?" study published by peer60 November 2016. Sectra rated #1 in customer satisfaction regardless of approach.

Sectra has impressed once again with a very high Net Promoter Score among its PACS customers. No one else seems to be engendering this much loyalty. The fact that Sectra can maintain high scores with both IT approaches is unique," comments Chris Jensen, Executive Vice President of peer60.

The company also regularly conducts its own customer satisfaction surveys in all markets based on a Net Promoter Score (NPS). These surveys provide important information for achieving high customer satisfaction and continuing to develop as a company.

Research and development

Sectra maintains a high pace of innovation and continuously invests in the new and ongoing development of its product offering in existing niches and related product areas. Development takes place in close dialogue with customers. Research projects are conducted together with universities, hospitals and strategic partners around the world. Solutions for digital pathology, computer-aided 3D trauma surgery and applications for image analysis based on artificial intelligence (AI) are examples of the results of successful collaborations.

Product development takes place in close dialog with the customers, resulting in solutions that actually work in actually work in their daily operations.

Where you find Sectra


Geographic presence

Sectra has customers in more than 60 countries worldwide. Sales are conducted through the company’s own offices in 19 countries across Europe, North America and Oceania as well as some 40 partners in various regions. Most of the Group’s sales comprise its own direct sales. Sales of Sectra’s security-approved crypto products for secure communications are limited to the European market due to export restrictions. However, these restrictions do not apply to cybersecurity solutions or services for critical infrastructure. For further information about Sectra’s geographic presence and distribution channels, refer to the fact box in the individual section for each operating area.

New geographic markets

Sectra believes that it is better to be big in a few countries than to be small in many. The goal is to be the largest or second largest supplier in the countries where sales are conducted through the company’s own subsidiaries. Accordingly, the Group’s long-term strategy is to continue to grow and become the leader in the segments and regions where the company conducts its own sales, supplemented with controlled growth initiatives in a small number of carefully selected markets. While establishing a presence in new countries and adding additional partners is necessary for the Group’s long-term growth, it can be expected to take a few years for such initiatives to have any major impact. Over the past two years, Sectra has started subsidiaries for direct sales in France (medical systems), Canada (medical systems) and Finland (secure communications). New distribution partners for medical systems have been added in the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Sectra has also opened a subsidiary for service and support for healthcare customers in Saudi Arabia. New distributors are gradually being added in the Medical Educational business unit, whose products are mainly sold through partners, and the unit’s products are represented in more than 40 countries.



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