Sectra's vision: Contributing to a healthier and safer society

Sectra’s work enables hospitals across the world to become more effective and thus take care of more patients and save more lives. Through our solutions, Sectra also provides greater security for society’s most critical communication and IT systems, which contributes to a more stable and secure society.

Though we always strive for product leadership, it is the Sectra people who differentiate us. People with the knowledge to meet expectations - and the passion to exceed them.

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How to handle Sectra’s redemption share program 2017 in your Swedish tax return

According to general advice issued by the Swedish Tax Agency, 3.2% of the acquisition fees for an original Class A or Class B share in Sectra should be attributed to Sectra's redemption shares 2017 of the respective class.

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Change in number of shares outstanding in Sectra

During November, the number of shares outstanding in Sectra AB increased by 51,017 ordinary Class B shares. As of November 30, 2017, the total number of shares totals 37,986,018.

Date for AGM 2018 and Nomination Committee

The Annual General Meeting will be held on September 6, 2018 in Linköping, Sweden. A Nomination Committee has been appointed.


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