Since March 1999, Sectra's Series B shares have been quoted on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange.

Segment: Mid-cap

Industry sector: Healthcare

Ticker code: SECT B

ISIN code: SE0010133801 for ordinary share of Series A and SE0010133819 for ordinary share of Series B .

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ISIN codes in connection with Sectra redemption procedure 2017

The redemption procedure September 29–October 20, 2017.

  • Redemption shares 2017
    SECT IL A: SE0010133827
    SECT IL B: SE0010133835
  • Ordinary shares before split/incl. right to redemption shares
    SECT AK A: SE0008613962
    SECT AK B: SE0008613970
  • Ordinary shares after split/excl. right to redemption shares 
    SECT AK A: SE0010133801
    SECT AK B: SE0010133819

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