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Those of us who work at Sectra share a burning enthusiasm for working with products that really make a difference in the world. We are proud to be working not only with cutting-edge technology, but also with products that save lives. We expect that our applicants are well-educated and intelligent but,first and foremost, Sectra employs people for who they are. The most important aspect is that you fit in, share our values and have an ability to learn fast.

Hear Sectra employees share why they work at Sectra

Simon Häger, Product Manager
Hear Simon Häger, Product Manager for Sectra's Digital Pathology Solution talks about why working with solutions that makes a difference, in his case improving cancer care, is important. Simon started as a trainee, working at different offices in the Sectra world, and is now the product manager for our pathology solution.
Ida Cervin, Software Developer
Hear Ida Cervin, Software Developer at Sectra Medical talk about the opportunities to grow at Sectra. Ida started her career with a summer job and is now working as a software developer.
Robert Kihlberg, Group Manager Product Development
Hear Robert Kihlberg, Group Manager Product Development at Secure Communications talk about how we recruit at Sectra.

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