Working with medical IT solutions

When technology has a meaning

Many of us at Sectra work here because we feel that technology can help other people. Whether it is used for finding breast cancer in women, or for making the world's most productive workflow tools for diagnosis of radiological images, or for making innovative digital imaging processing systems for tomorrow's orthopaedic departments, we feel we can make a difference so that things become better. And we think that deep satisfaction can be felt in knowing that some human being, somewhere out there, now has a better life thanks to our products and our work.

We think that you, who are a potential colleague of ours, share this feeling.

Work in an international environment

Sectra has more than 700 employees working in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the US, the Netherlands and Australia. We encourage our employees to try a job in a different country for a longer or shorter time period. And we think that a multicultural background is good for us all, and thus a merit when you look for a job at Sectra. In our headquarters in Linköping, for example, you will find employees born in more than ten different countries. This makes for great fun, and is a great asset!

If you want to work in a multicultural environment, or have such a background yourself and speak many languages, we urge you to apply for a job with us.

"Hire for attitude, Train for skill"

Sectra's hiring process involves tests and multiple interviews with various people. You will meet your future colleagues, your immediate superior and often the president of the company. And we apply a veto rule; no one can hire a person at Sectra who has not passed all of the interviews and tests. This assures that we get people that we both like and think are a fit for the job. We like and respect each other at Sectra, and we want to keep it that way. On the other hand, we do not want everyone to be made in the same mold. We want differences! But we want differences that we can work with and like.

If you are hired by Sectra, you will begin a training program covering what you need to know for the job. The training ranges in area from medicine, finance and economics to computer networking and sales, depending on your function. Note, however, that we do not provide a trainee program - you are still expected to work in your ordinary work while learning new things. Here we think that "who you are" is more important than "what you know just now." If you're a good learner, we will help you to get wherever you need to be, fast.

At Sectra, we Hire for Attitude and Ability, and we Train for Skill.

Human life and wellbeing depend on our systems

Our customers, the healthcare professionals of the world, and ultimately their patients, depend on our quality and the function of our systems. If our systems perform well, more people in need can be helped and have an improved life. If our systems fail or malfunction, we may risk the health, perhaps even the life, of people that depend on us. This is serious business!

Accordingly, all Sectra employees are required to visit our customers regularly - whether you are a secretary, developer or manager. We believe that in order to deliver good products and services, every single individual in our company must really know our customers and what their issues are. Besides the quality improvement this brings, it is much more fun and rewarding for our employees to really see and understand our end users.

If you work at Sectra, we want you to feel deeply responsible for our systems performance in their end-user environment. And if, some day, we have a customer in trouble, we expect every employee to do their outmost to help. At Sectra we do not let a customer down, ever!

Potential employees at Sectra are required to embrace this policy and to live and act it.

What do we ask from you?

Sectra is not for everyone. We believe that the people who apply for a job with us have the following characteristics:

  • You are smart and have very high educational grades. We believe in hiring very talented individuals and at Sectra you will meet your peers, and perhaps even someone that is smarter. People you can respect and learn from.
  • You have a strong drive to actually make things happen. Perhaps even to a degree where people around you wonder "what's the matter with you." We at Sectra want to make an impact, to rock the world. In order to do that, we (that is You) must want to make an impact. At Sectra we encourage action, not inaction. You will be given the freedom to make your own decisions at a very early stage, and be expected to do so. And we allow mistakes, as long as you try your best and learn from them.
  • You want to learn and you like change. But you also like to teach colleagues and share your own knowledge. We work in an environment where our competitors are much larger than we are. We can only win if we are smarter, learn faster and spread new knowledge among us, and if we are unrivalled in adapting to change when change is needed.
  • You like humor and realize that a good laugh is good for you, us and your environment; as long as we still respect the very serious business we are all working in.
  • You are prepared to work hard when this is required. Especially if our customers are in trouble, we expect every employee to stand up and do their absolute best to solve the problem.
  • We would appreciate you having interests other than work. Whether you are a "Spexare" (Swedish untranslatable student theater thing) a choir singer, a musician, a pilot, a marathon runner or a horse-riding champion, you will find many peers at Sectra! (For example, we have 10 pilots in our ranks and regularly fly our own aircraft to provide fast and good service and support to our customers). We at Sectra encourage and derive large benefits from our employees' breadth of knowledge, culture and abilities!

Are you interested and do you recognize yourself?

If you think you fit the above description and would like work at Sectra, please do not hesitate to apply! You are very welcome to do so.

Torbjörn Kronander
CEO and President, Sectra AB

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