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Sectra develops and sells crypto products for a safer world, as well as life-saving medical technology and mammography products. At Sectra, you get to work with the coolest products on the market and grow together with the best people in the industry. We are a Swedish company with a head office in Linköping, but the users of our products and our employees are located throughout the world. In Sweden, we are also situated in Örebro and Stockholm.

Sectra is always looking for capable and enthusiastic employees. On this page, we describe a few examples of master thesis, summer jobs and other services. If your interest isn’t sparked by anything you find, but you believe that you are the right person for Sectra, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll find you a suitable project.

Meet some Sectra employees

Anders Hedblom – Software Development Engineer

"Gaining a perspective on what doctors do and learning about the challenges they face in their everyday working lives made me realize that I was doing something important and useful to other people, like saving lives. That is a great feeling."

Anders Hentzell – Project Manager

”My day can include everything from meetings to discuss financial matters to meetings with potential customers and hands-on installation of new customer sites. I have even done some very basic programming, which is something that I never thought I would do.”

Christian Vestlund – Software Development Engineer

”I’m a security geek and working with secure communication is really interesting to me. I also like to make things work. I enjoy the feeling of seeing a system come to life because of the code I’ve written.”

Erik Edespong – Software Development Engineer

"We work with an agile method called "Scrum" in the development department, which means that our team has a short meeting every morning to discuss what we did yesterday, what we have to do today and any problems that have arisen. Every alternate week, we meet a product manager from one of our projects to plan and break down what has to be done during the next period into smaller tasks. Finding the solution to these tasks then becomes my daily assignment."

What else is happening at Sectra?

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