Sectra Breast Imaging RIS/PACS

Sectra Breast Imaging RIS/PACS™ features solutions for high-volume screening and advanced diagnostic mammography. It is the result of 20 years of experience from delivering complete RIS/PACS solutions, and ensures fast image distribution and data retrieval – even over high-latency networks and in remote environments. Furthermore, it fully supports the reading workflow of your department – single, double or true-blind double reading.

We’ve found that only Sectra’s Breast Imaging PACS delivers on the combined promise of double-read workflow, image quality and distribution speed across all of our high volume breast imaging modalities. This has improved our overall workflow and report turn-around.

Dr. Stamatia Destounis, managing partner of Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, LLC

True multi-modality capabilities

The web-based breast imaging workstation offers a single-system reading environment including CAD and reporting. True multi-modality capabilities allow images from any modality, such as ultrasound, MRI or breast tomosynthesis, to be displayed side-by-side with the mammograms.

All relevant priors are immediately available, regardless of where in the enterprise the patient was previously examined. An ergonomic keypad is customized per user and provides all the necessary reading functions.

The quadrant zoom helps me focus on one portion of the breast while scrolling through the tomosynthesis images. Sectra’s scrolling text option makes marking images efficient, and the ability to communicate with the technologists in real-time during diagnostic work ups facilitates the day’s work flow and efficiency.

Dr. Donna Plecha, Assistant Professor and Director of Breast Imaging at University Hospitals Case Medical Center

Unsurpassed workflow efficiency

Sectra Breast Imaging RIS/PACS supports result registration and history of screening, as well as symptomatic cases. It facilitates communication and enables display of digital images at referring departments, such as surgery, gynecology, radiotherapy and so forth. In addition, this complete solution also includes pathology, surgery and tumor reporting.

Sectra provides strategic distribution with leading mammography software providers such as MagView®, Merge CADstream™, MRS, PenRad™ and Volpara™. These products are integrated with Sectra Breast Imaging PACS for efficient bi-directional workflow and allow users to maximize their investment by providing all necessary mammography tools on one workstation.

Breast Density Analysis

Sectra Breast Imaging PACS offers full integration to Volpara™ to assess volumetric breast density automatically and objectively. This provides physicians a BI-RADS™ equivalent breast density score, facilitating quick and accurate response to the new legal requirements.

Tools tailored to the screening workflow

Sectra Breast Imaging RIS/PACS integrates with screening or population directories for invitations. In addition, women have the possibility to reschedule their appointments on the Internet, further increasing participation rates and efficiency.

Maximizing throughput

Features such as configurable screening questionnaires and graphical breast templates enable a smooth film and paper-free workflow. High-volume reading is supported by effective pre-fetching of priors and automatic display protocols that require minimal manual interference. To further optimize reading throughput, all digital breast images, regardless of modality vendor, are automatically displayed in the same size with correct orientation and alignment, facilitating comparison of current and prior images.

The ergonomic keypad make the most commonly used tools easily accessible, and CAD display is an integrated part of the workstation. Moreover, the unique one-step reporting further enhances workflow.

Take a first glimpse of Sectra Breast Imaging PACS
See a demo of your reading environment in Sectra Breast Imaging PACS.

Key features

  • Seamless integration with most RIS and legacy archives
  • Integration with mammography tracking and reporting systems
  • Breast-specific software tools, including integrated CAD and breast density assessment
  • Efficient remote reading via web-based technology
  • Technologist high-resolution QA workstation
  • Double and blind reading capabilities



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