Business Analytics

Sectra's business analytics offering comprises Sectra DataWarehouse™ and Sectra BizTrack™ analytics applications. These help streamline the radiology workflow by providing tools for monitoring the production and performance of PACS and RIS, including analyses of Key Performance Indicators.

Sectra DataWarehouse

Sectra DataWarehouse stores information from Sectra RIS and PACS and makes the data available for advanced data mining. Sectra DataWarehouse is optimized to extract information from Sectra RIS and PACS with minimum operational interference, and advanced data-mining queries using department-specific tools can be performed without affecting the live system.

With all production data in one place you have all accurate information available for decision support and follow up The storage of all production data in one place ensures access to accurate information for supporting decision-making and following up implemented changes. All production history is also available for analysis. Sectra DataWarehouse provides access through standard database connections, and authorized users can perform standard SQL queries.

Sectra BizTrack analytics applications

Because the operations and organizations of every healthcare provider are unique, Sectra believes that powerful business analytics tools need to be tailored to suit each customer. Sectra BizTrack analytics applications are delivered as a service where you select base applications that can be tailored by Sectra’s consultants to suit specific needs for analyzing your operations.

The base applications contain the most important and powerful analysis tools for measuring and improving the performance of radiology departments. These tools are created to allow for efficient and simple analysis and visualization of statistics from RIS and PACS to support decision-making. You can identify bottlenecks and anomalies, monitor and streamline the patient flow through the department, as well as measure the effect of implemented changes. It is also possible to monitor workflow efficiency and system behavior and create reports of desired metrics without specific knowledge of database queries. The data can be exported in CSV or Excel format so that it can be imported into different organization-specific systems. Sectra base applications feature an intuitive interface and require minimum training.

To achieve the most powerful analytical tools, the base applications can be customized by a Sectra consultant to suit the specific analysis needs of your organization. Based on individual requirements and operational environments, a Sectra consultant will customize reports, measurements and graphs in the base application to provide the precise tools needed to ensure efficient decision-making.

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Business Analytics

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