Sectra Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology

The Sectra cardiology solution offers cardiologists a single workstation for efficient review of the most common cardiology procedures. Automated clinical tools and advanced analysis tools, such as automated quantifications of volume, strain and ejection fractions, are seamlessly integrated into the cardiology workflow. Any measurements performed during case review can be directly imported to worksheets and reports, thus reducing the need for manual data entry. In addition, measurements within echo, vascular and cath lab procedures can be post-processed offline. This broad portfolio of advanced clinical tools, in combination with strong integration capabilities, enables the seamless consolidation of all cardiology imaging. All in all, Sectra’s cardiology solution increases review efficiency and improves collaboration with other disciplines.

The Sectra cardiology offering, with the Sectra VNA at its core, is designed for high-production environments with a strong focus on usability and a proven track record of extremely high system availability. The solution is vendor-neutral, enabling review from all diagnostic modalities. It supports the following procedures:

  • Echocardiography
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Cardiac nuclear medicine
  • Cardiac MR
  • Cardiac CT
  • ECG management

Cardiology and the enterprise image management solution

Sectra’s cardiology offering is a key component in our enterprise image management solution. The solutions are all built on the same proven infrastructure and components, enabling healthcare providers to utilize the same platform for all image-intense departments, including cardiology, radiology, mammography and pathology.

Sectra’s cardiology solution enables consolidation of the most common cardiology procedures, benefitting both the clinical users and the IT department. With specialized viewer capability and tightly integrated applications, the Sectra cardiology solution provides cost reduction and flexibility. With such partners as TOMTEC tightly integrated, maintenance and operating costs are reduced and flexibility is increased in terms of vendor neutrality relating to modalities.

Five key advantages of the Sectra Cardiology Solution

  • Broad portfolio of integrated clinical and analytical tools

    Sectra’s solution provides access to a patient’s various procedures from a single workstation. In combination with the broad portfolio of integrated tools, the solution reduces the need to move between different solutions, thereby increasing cardiologists’ efficiency.

  • Increased diagnostic confidence and reproducibility

    The automated clinical tools assist cardiologists to further increase consistency in diagnostics, at the same time as the workflow integrated tools and the ability to import measurements to reports save time for the cardiologist.

  • Consolidation of information from procedures

    Sectra’s solution enables consolidation of the various cardiology procedures in one archive and one viewing solution. This simplifies cardiologists’ workflow and increases efficiency in the IT department.

  • Seamless integration with healthcare IT solutions

    Sectra’s solution can easily be integrated with various modalities, EMRs such as Epic Cupid, as well as other imaging systems. This provides access to the complete patient history from a single point of access. It also enables easy image sharing for external review as well as workload balancing.

  • Consolidation of cardiology with other medical disciplines

    With Sectra’s solution, cardiology information can be managed in a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Removing departmental silos with Sectra VNA, contributes to a more efficient IT administration, gives scalability and offers each department a high availability solution proven by a strong track record.

Ask Vedran

Vedran Beglerbegovic is product manager at Sectra. Discuss Sectra’s cardiology offering with him.

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