Cross-Enterprise Workflow

Sectra's offering within cross-enterprise features products and services that facilitate cooperation between hospitals on a point-to-point, regional or even national scale. The solutions enable efficient sharing and collaboration of both workload and competencies, thus facilitating more efficient use of resources, reducing lead times and improving diagnostic quality.

Highly flexible solution

Sectra’s solutions address the various levels of cooperation that the healthcare organization may desire; from the sharing of medical information to tightly integrated workflows. It is modular, allowing users to grow their level of cooperation when needed. It is also vendor agnostic and built on IHE frameworks to allow for unlimited sharing.

When combined with Sectra's solution for multi-disciplinary image management, virtually all images, videos and audios are also included in the cross-enterprise workflow, enabling efficient sharing and collaboration of medical-imaging documents even outside radiology.

Information access

Information access allows healthcare professionals to securely transfer patient images and reports from one hospital to another, making the full patient history from all connected enterprises available, thus replacing the need to send CDs/DVDs between hospitals.

Shared workflow

A smooth distributed reporting workflow facilitates efficient external readings and second opinions, replacing traditional teleradiology. Sectra’s solution for shared workflow enables healthcare professionals from different hospitals to share and exchange experience and competencies with each other. It allows healthcare organizations to integrate their workflows and gain easy access to requests, reports and images from cooperating units anywhere within the enterprise, regardless of the vendor of the local systems.

With a global collaboration platform, Sectra enables healthcare providers to easily collaborate within radiology, nuclear medicine and pathology. Radiologists, pathologists, oncologists and members of multi-disciplinary teams can then use the collaboration environment to collaborate virtually, across organizational boundaries, in real-time and from locations of their choice.

Security and privacy issues are handled through authentication, encryption and audit-logging procedures.


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Cross-Enterprise Workflow

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