For optimal workflow through the whole enterprise, integration is a must. Sectra PACS offers a complete palette of integration tools through DICOM, industry standard protocols defined by IHE such as XDS and XDS-I and Sectra Medical API™ (Application Programmers Interface).

RIS Interfaces

As per today the dominating RISes have all been integrated with Sectra PACS. Depending on the RIS various levels of integration have been achieved including: Worklists, Request and reports, Status information, Prefetch, Patient demographics updates, Data integrity checks, Desktop Integration with our display software, etc.

Modality Interfaces

Modality interfaces work as translators to transfer and/or convert images from various image modalities to the network, and to PACS. Sectra provides interfaces to all of the common modalities on the market.

During the years we have collected a vast experience in connecting modalities through DICOM and proprietary solutions. This means that Sectra has a library of software modality interfaces that can be used in your project. We also cooperate with a number of vendors that provide specific modality interfaces, all with the purpose of solving the specific problems that arise in a PACS project.

Active Directory support

Active Directory support dramatically reduces the cost for user administration as it integrates Sectra PACS and Sectra RIS with the hospital’s centralized user directory. This way, user administration is no longer conducted from the Sectra products and the customer’s need for specific knowledge of user administration in Sectra RIS or PACS is reduced.


  • Sectra works with iNTERFACEWARE for native HL7 support.
  • Sectra works with Forcare for XDS-I support.

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