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Efficient and secure image exchange is essential in order for the reviewing radiologists and other physicians to have access to relevant medical history when diagnosing and treating the patient. It is further key to significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary reimaging, and it contributes to saving critical time in many urgent trauma cases. An efficient image exchange solution should be a key component in any enterprise imaging strategy.

Sectra Image Exchange Portal (IEP) allows healthcare providers, patients and others to efficiently and securely exchange and access imaging information from anywhere. IEP enables exchange without the need for CDs, USB drives or paper, and therefore helps to save costs and improves patient data security. More importantly, it supports healthcare to share more knowledge and information, and it ensures that this information is available whenever and wherever needed. 

Exchange anything with anyone

For healthcare providers, IEP enables secure exchange of medical information. In fact, IEP is not only a network for the exchange of radiology images, but can also be used to exchange various types of imaging information, including for instance pathology images. The information can be exchanged between anyone, including providers, referring physicians, medico legal and even the patients themselves. For the patients, this can lead to shorter waiting times and, by having access to their own information, also improved engagement and involvement in their own care.

Sectra IEP overview

Join the network today

Becoming a part of the Sectra IEP network is easy. Access is provided through a web-based portal and images can be viewed online. New users can easily sign up themselves, and for healthcare providers IEP can be used regardless of the vendor of local systems. Being a web-based portal the exchange of information is made incredibly easy, from web-based viewing and file upload, all the way through to fully automated and intelligent image routing. Integration is done through standard interfaces, such as DICOM, HL7 and XDS.

The UK became the first national IEP network

Since January 2010 the IEP has been live in the UK. It was originally expected that 120 trusts would be using IEP by June 2010, transferring 550 studies per day. Currently, more than 440 institutions and thousands of users actively use the service, exchanging about 25,000,000 images per week.

IEP Connect and Share

IEP Connect & Share (IEP CS) provides quick and simple access to patients imaging records across organisation boundaries, removing the need for manual requests and transfers. IEP CS is the next generation of IEP, using the existing network and secure protocols plus the power of the IHE XDS profile to take imaging outside of radiology.

IEP CS enables users to quickly identify what data and imaging exists for a patient across numerous organisations. Using the IEP CS portal, or a XDS compliant hospital system, users are able to search for a patients image record and view on demand. If the images require detailed analyses then the full DICOM images can be routed to the application the clinician wants to work with.

Demo video of Sectra Image Exchange Portal
In this video, Johan Carlegrim, Cross-Enterprise product manager, gives a brief overview of Sectra IEP.
The Adam Story
This video explains the advantages of Sectra IEP by following "Adam", a ski enthusiast who suffers serious injury during his holiday.

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