Sectra MEI

Sectra MEI is a vendor-agnostic solution for cross-enterprise information management, linking different hospitals and care units. It gives authorized users a complete view of a patient’s history by providing access to requests, reports and radiology images.

Sectra MEI uses intelligent prefetch functionality in which relevant requests, reports and images are acquired in advance according to set rules. Combined with local caches that can store data short term, extremely efficient collaboration is facilitated.

Sectra MEI consists of two parts: one function for information access and one for integrated reporting workflows.

Information access

Sectra MEI’s patient history module is a tool for pushing information between systems in an automatic and tightly integrated way, replacing traditional teleradiology. Radiologists and radiographers can gain access to the complete patient medical history, including requests, reports and images, from other RIS and PACS systems, enabling more efficient patient care.

Sectra MEI is designed to eliminate unnecessary data transport over the network, thus minimizing the network load. It includes intelligent prefetch, whereby relevant requests, reports and images are acquired in advance according to set rules. Combined with local caches that can store data short term, the availability of information is secured.

Reporting workflow

Information access alone is sometimes not enough. To achieve an even more efficient workflow, healthcare organizations can increase their level of collaboration and work more directly with other systems. Sectra MEI’s distributed reporting module enables pool reporting with cross-enterprise worklists. Users can create new reports from a remote location, thus facilitating remote reporting outside office hours or sharing the task of reporting among several hospitals within a region. The ability to work with distributed reporting is a key factor in reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of radiology.

Key features and benefits

  • Regional overview of patient data
  • Distributed reporting workflow, facilitating external readings and second opinions
  • Automatic confidentiality, making data visible for another unit according to user authentication
  • Replaces traditional teleradiology
  • Generates statistics on volume of acquired and sent information
  • All transmitted information is encrypted
  • Available for clinicians via a web-based solution
  • Configurable access restrictions, with optional patient consent management.
  • Sectra MEI is vendor independent and IHE frameworks, including XDS, are used for all integration to the system.

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