Sectra RxEye Cloud

Sectra RxEye Cloud provides a global collaboration platform enabling healthcare providers to easily collaborate within radiology, nuclear medicine and pathology.

Radiologists, pathologists, oncologists and members of multi-disciplinary teams can then use the collaboration environment to collaborate virtually, across organizational boundaries, in real-time and from locations of their choice.

RxEye Cloud works seamlessly with the digital radiology and digital pathology solutions from leading providers. By connecting their existing imaging systems to the cloud, hospitals and reading providers can exchange digitized X-rays, digitized slides and patient data securely and speedily. This allows users to collaborate independently of PACS and RIS vendor.

Zero footprint architecture

Large image files of patient identifiable data is left in their original systems of record and images are streamed to where they are needed for reporting. When reading is completed, or after an agreed interval, all case-related files are automatically removed from the reader’s workstation. This makes remote reading efficient, secure and more flexible. Cases can be read in the office or at home, in and out-of-hours and on the (certified) device of choice, without risk of compromising the security of patient data. RxEye Cloud complies with national requirements for the governance of medical information.

Key features

  • Enables users to set up efficient and flexible shared workflows based on pre-defined business rules.
  • Users access data through streaming technology, enabling remote reading without patient data being.
  • Responses are sent back to local systems.
  • Integrates with major radiology and pathology systems.
  • Detailed Services Agreements can be generated semi-automatically from a framework contract.
  • A wide range of performance reports can be generated from the activity data in the system.

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