Sectra Orthopaedic Solutions

Sectra offers a complete set of highly efficient preoperative planning tools both for 2D and 3D images. The latter are especially valuable for planning complex trauma cases. Sectra’s solution enables orthopaedic surgeons to increase precision in planning and advance preparation for various scenarios, thereby avoiding stress, saving time and minimizing risk during surgery. The solution also creates a well-documented workflow to meet regulatory demands.

Sectra’s offering now also includes a 3D pelvic trauma planning module which enables surgeons to save valuable time. The module includes fluoroscopy and transparency viewing tools, template contouring tools for pre-bending plates and new clip plane functionality.

Watch a preview of Sectra's 3D trauma pelvic tool

Sectra’s preoperative planning solution is provided as a PACS-independent online service or as a completely integrated add-on to Sectra PACS. For full flexibility, the user can access the system from any computer in the hospital network and even from home.


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