Sectra calibration unit

Calibration of digital images

Digital images allow digitalized preoperative planning, also called templating. Digital templating offers the ability to solve the scaling problem known to affect traditional templating with analogue plain images. Preoperative planning is an essential part of the surgical procedure, and is of significant value to successful arthroplasty. It makes it possible to plan for the size of components needed, and to achieve correct positioning and orientation of the components to equalize leg length and reduce intra-operative complications.

Sectra Calibration Unit

The Sectra Calibration Unit is developed for practical every-day use and is designed specifically for use with the Sectra preoperative planning solution. The calibration markers for the hip, knee or shoulder should be positioned at the same level above the image plate as the anatomical part of the patient where the surgical procedure will be performed. The Sectra Calibration Unit consists of a stand holder with a calibration marker for the hip and a strap holder and calibration marker for extremities.

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Using the calibration unit