Sectra Digital Pathology Solution

Empowering pathology to improve cancer care

Sectra provides a complete solution for primary diagnostics in pathology, developed in close cooperation with leading pathologists. Sectra’s solution for digital pathology allows pathologists to make their diagnoses and carry out reporting with higher precision and less time spent per case. It makes workload balancing, consultations, second opinions and frozen section reviews much more efficient. It also supports integrated diagnostics workflows by enabling improved collaboration between radiology and pathology. Our offering includes a powerful pathology PACS workstation with an optimized image window and a digital pathology archive.

Five key advantages with Sectra Digital Pathology Solution

  • Optimized workflow - reading and sharing efficiency

    Digital pathology offers functionality which goes far beyond the microscope. The new opportunities significantly increase workflow efficiency. It transfers time-consuming tasks to the computer, allows the pathologist to spend more time actually reviewing cases and makes collaboration with other pathologists much more efficient.

  • More consistent reviews

    Digital pathology enables the use of automated image analysis, which offers major benefits as support in, for example, mitosis counting or percentage cancer tissue calculations. Other than the efficiency gains, another advantage of such image analysis algorithms is that the quality of the review becomes more consistent, with fewer variations in quality between experienced and less experienced pathologists and enabling the individual pathologist to deliver more consistent results.

  • Availability anytime, anywhere

    Sectra’s pathology workstation is based on Sectra PACS, an IT system for managing medical images that has been used in radiology for more than 20 years. Sectra’s digital pathology solution is an enterprise-wide IT solution with a central storage and workflow engine for all images produced in the department – or even hospital – which grants access to images from wherever you are, whenever you want, based on access rights.

  • Efficient multi-disciplinary team meetings and integrated diagnostics

    Sectra’s pathology solution supports an integrated diagnostics approach. It enables efficient preparations and presentations at MDT meetings, and supports the sharing of images and reports between radiology and pathology. This transparency allows for correlation of findings and provides a broader view of patient disease. View a presentation of Sectra's solution for integrated diagnostics.

  • Integration with healthcare IT solutions

    Sectra’s solution is easily integrated with scanners, macro cameras, LIMS and EMRs, as well as other imaging systems, such as PACS, and digital pathology systems. This provides access to the full patient overview any time, from anywhere. It also enables easy image sharing for external review and workload balancing.


View a demo of Sectra's Digital Pathology PACS
Elin Kindberg, Product management,Sectra Digital Pathology, gives a brief solution overview.
View a presentation of Sectra's solution for integrated diagnostics
See how Sectra's solution for integrated diagnostics supports pathology and radiology in improving cancer care. In addition, the solution saves money for healthcare by integrating several systems into a single system.



Sectra Digital Pathology Solution is built on the same core as the PACS but with additional services for the support of pathology images. The core consists of a number of software services and databases and provides data to the application server layer and takes care of archiving, for example.

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Note: The users of Sectra Digital Pathology Solutions are responsible to ensure that any digital pathology images imported into Sectra Digital Pathology Solutions are of adequate quality for the intended clinical use, e.g. for primary diagnosis.

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