Radiology Imaging

Given radiology’s central role in the patient pathway, radiology efficiency and the ability to communicate actionable reports are key for patient outcomes. Sectra’s radiology offering reduces report turnaround times, enhances request and result distribution workflows, and improves communication and dialog between radiology and referring units.

Sectra’s radiology offering, with Sectra  RIS/PACS and Sectra VNA at its core, is designed for high-production environments with a focus on stability and usability.

The offering supports the various workflows within the radiology department. It is designed using a modular approach, enabling easy integration with existing solutions to create a complete radiology workflow that matches your local IT strategy. Sectra’s radiology offering is a key component in our enterprise image management solution. The solutions are built on the same proven infrastructure using the same components, providing the market’s most stable medical imaging solutions. Sectra enables radiology to exceed the expectations of referring physicians and their patients by supporting:

  • Order management
  • Vetting and protocolling workflow
  • Scheduling workflow
  • Examination workflow
  • Radiology reading and reporting workflow
  • Collaboration workflow

Sectra HealthCloud

Sectra PACS is part of the broad portfolio of imaging services that can be delivered through Sectra HealthCloud.

Integrated diagnostics

Sectra’s digital pathology PACS is built on the same infrastructure as our radiology PACS, enabling efficient, integrated diagnostics workflows.

View a presentation of Sectra's solution for integrated diagnostics
See how Sectra's solution for integrated diagnostics supports pathology and radiology in improving cancer care. In addition, the solution saves money for healthcare by integrating several systems into a single system.



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Radiology Imaging

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