Sectra Order Management

With Sectra Order Management, your referring physicians can easily order radiology examinations and access radiology reports, which in turn enhances radiology workflows. Sectra Order Management includes three solutions: Sectra Order Entry, Sectra Appointment Booking and Sectra Report Distribution.

Sectra Order Management solutions are zero-footprint web applications. They provide referring physician with tools that are always accessible from any location within the healthcare enterprise. Sectra Order Management can be launched directly from the patient overview in the HIS/EPR, thus providing a single point of entry to complete patient records.

Sectra Order Entry

Sectra Order Entry provides a simple web-based tool for ordering radiology studies. With the electronic requests created in Sectra Order Entry, request information is automatically transferred to the RIS/PACS workflow, eliminating the need to scan paper requests or enter them manually into the RIS. Furthermore, the clinical quality of radiology requests is enhanced by examination-specific request forms, ensuring that correct and relevant information is included in the request. Apart from ensuring the highest quality of care, this saves time and increases throughput.

Sectra Appointment Booking

Sectra Appointment Booking provides online access to the radiology diary for referring physicians, thereby allowing them to immediately schedule appointments for their patients. Immediate scheduling helps reduce time to treatment. Furthermore, since the referring physician can easily coordinate radiology appointments with follow-up visits, it reduces the patients’ return visits to the hospital.

With Sectra Appointment Booking, bookings are automatically verified and scheduled in RIS and transferred to the RIS/PACS workflow, reducing the need for radiology resources performing examination scheduling.

Sectra Result Distribution

Sectra Result Distribution allows the referring physician to easily find, access and read reports that he or she is authorized to access. Images are displayed as thumbnails in the report and are launched in IDS7/cx™ or Sectra UniView™ by a simple click.

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