Sectra Reject Analysis Package

Lower costs by fewer retakes

Retake of inadequate images entails substantial costs, particularly if it means rescheduling the patient. Sectra Reject Analysis Package helps you find systematic errors in the image-acquisition process thereby reducing the number of erroneous images in your operations. This in turn will lead to improved quality of care and reduced operational costs.

Statistical reports for efficient analysis

You get an instant, complete picture of where and why erroneous images are taken and you can easily be on top of trends using the statistical reports Sectra Reject Analysis Package automatically provides. You can thus take timely and continuous action to improve efficiency and quality at the department.

An easy-to-use web interface makes the reports available anywhere at any time, which allows you to present the data on demand, without any need to export or compile data. The reports can also easily be exported to other presentation or calculation tools, thus facilitating the preparation of presentations or performance of further analysis.

Enhancing the quality of care

Sectra Reject Analysis Package provides a secure way of discarding faulty images while providing the highest patient care. Rejected images can easily be restored to the regular workflow and do not need to be retaken even if they were erroneously rejected at some point.

Ultimately, correcting systematic errors to reduce the number of retakes results in improved patient care. Having to retake images could increase the time from request to report. In addition, retakes add to the accumulated radiation dose for the patients, an important healthcare factor.

Features and benefits

Soft delete

Rejected series are kept in a file that is hidden from the normal user but is available to authorized users for future reference or analysis. Authorized users can select and display rejected images and the rejection can be confirmed, reject reasons can be changed or the series can be un-rejected altogether.

Automated statistical reports

Examinations containing rejected images show up in the reject analysis worklist for manual analysis. However, to allow efficient analysis of rejected images, Sectra Reject Analysis Package automatically compiles statistical reports of rejected series. Such reports help answer questions including "How many series created at station X were rejected due to over-exposure?" or "How large a percentage of our rejected series was rejected due to motion blur?"

One system for reject analysis over all modalities

A common system for reject analysis gives an instant complete picture, increases the ease of use and reduces the time needed for analysis. Department-specific reasons for rejection may be applied equally for all modality types and all rejections are handled in the same manner. This enhances analysis workflow by making it possible to analyze data instantly and efficiently without any manual compilations.

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