Sectra UniView

Sectra UniView is a true zero-footprint (HTML5) web viewer that enables secure and easy access to medical images and related information, such as requests and reports, from any location. It provides referring physicians and other users with a single point of access to all information and multimedia stored in the VNA. It is a vendor-neutral viewer that can be used on many different platforms. Sectra UniView also integrates well with all leading EMR systems.

Light but powerful

Sectra UniView is a light, yet powerful viewer. It enables users to view and interact with images at high speed, even supporting the streaming of whole slide pathology images. With the recently added support for pathology, Sectra UniView users can now utilize a zero-footprint viewer to gain a complete cancer patient overview that includes radiology images, non-DICOM images such as photos and videos, and pathology images.

Sectra UniView also features powerful enterprise-wide search functionality that enables users to search for information in a Google-like manner based on, for example, patient name, birth date, medical record number, etc. Quite simply, users are given quick access to the information needed from any device.

Securing patient privacy

Sectra UniView is part of the Sectra Enterprise Image Management infrastructure, which ensures that it complies with the same high standards for safety, security and availability as the more comprehensive PACS viewers and the VNA. For instance, no patient data is cached on clients, secure protocols are used for communication that ensure safe and secure information handling, and the solution supports authentication and authorization via federated login methods. In addition, Sectra UniView supports clinical access control with patient lock, block and break glass functionality.

Enterprise-wide deployment

Sectra UniView is designed for cost-efficient deployment and easy scale-out. No local installation or download is needed, and the user interface is so intuitive that no end-user application training is needed. It supports both touch-based input, as well as mouse and keyboard, for use on mobile devices or desktops and laptops.

Key features

  • Fully integrated diagnostic, whole slide pathology imaging functionality
  • Multi-language support; all languages available in Sectra’s comprehensive PACS viewer are also available in UniView
  • Multi-image and multi-medical discipline comparison capabilities
  • Patient-centric overview showing complete medical history, including images, requests and reports
  • Ease of use and deployment—zero end-user training and deployment needed
  • Video streaming capable
  • PDF and CDA document rendering web access to all structured and unstructured data for any patient
  • Easy launch via  URL-links integrated with your EMR, HIS, EPR or other system
  • Support for acting as an XDS-I consumer
  • Touch interface that further enhances ease-of-use
  • Easy image interaction, such as zoom, pan, window level adjustment, rotate, flip, invert and scroll
  • Access control for authorized users
  • Support for single sign-on via federated authentication

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