Vendor Neutral Archive, Sectra VNA

The Vendor Neutral Archive, Sectra VNA, is a key component of Sectra’s enterprise image management offering. It allows you to consolidate image handling, while ensuring clinical workflow efficiency, growth management and business continuity. When consolidating the enterprise archive, it is vital to ensure that the workflows in image-intense departments – such as mammography, pathology and radiology – continue to function smoothly. Sectra offers not only extensive archiving experience; we have also provided complete workflow solutions for more than 30 years, adapted to the needs of each clinical discipline.

Designed for easy capture

Sectra VNA facilitates the capture of medical images, videos and audio clips from virtually any source, including ECG, HD film and non-DICOM images, which also encompasses whole slide digital pathology images, as well as all types of DICOM images. Images may be DICOM-wrapped or kept in their original format, allowing you to choose the optimal strategy for each department and workflow.

Single point of access

Sectra’s solution facilitates access to and exchange of all relevant information across the entire clinical pathway. Authorized users have access to a comprehensive multimedia record through Sectra’s viewer, available in a variety of designs – from zero-footprint tablet viewer to departmental diagnostic workstations. Sectra VNA is workflow vendor-independent, enabling communication between the VNA and surrounding IT-systems such as RIS, EMR, PACS, etc.

Part of the Sectra HealthCloud offering

Sectra VNA is part of the broad portfolio of imaging applications that can be delivered through Sectra HealthCloud.


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