Capturing virtually any file

Sectra VNA facilitates the capture of medical images, videos and audio clips from virtually any source, providing a complete medical record. This includes any DICOM file and Image files such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF as well as the smooth handling of very large data types such as whole slide digital pathology and HD video. Non-DICOM files are stored in their native format or can be DICOM-wrapped depending on the optimal workflow and customer requirements. The complete patient record can be viewed in Sectra UniView or in departmental diagnostic viewers.

Straightforward import

Importing data to Sectra VNA is achieved through integration with existing image management solutions from any standard-compliant vendor or through the inherent import interface, enabling clinicians to import relevant images to the system without the need for additional software installation. The straightforward import procedure allows virtually any image, sound or video sequences created during patient diagnostics, including ECG, HD video, non-DICOM images and images of any DICOM SOP class, to be commonly archived for future reference. Ingestion can be performed through user interfaces or through open APIs such as DICOM or XDS. Capturing and uploading images to the VNA is also possible from mobile devices. 

Video management

Based on VidiView, Sectra offers a comprehensive and scalable solution for capturing, storing, accessing and exchanging digital SD or HD videos in endoscopy or the operating rooms. Tight integration with Sectra VNA is available for a standards-based DICOM MPEG4-compliant storage. Desktop synchronization is also implemented for maximum user efficiency and both Sectra’s departmental diagnostic viewers and Sectra UniView are enhanced with video streaming support for high-performance video review.

Watch a demo on how to import non-DICOM files to Sectra VNA

Supporting EMR-driven workflows

The Sectra import interface is launched directly from the patient record through URL integration, allowing an EMR-driven workflow. It automatically populates patient and examination data into the images, which ensures that the image, once stored, is associated with the right patient. See appendix on Epic integrations for more details on Sectra’s integration capabilities in the EMR context.

Intelligent storage

The possibility to capture non-DICOM multimedia objects and associate these with the clinical context in the EMR requires care and planning. It is imperative to impose quality rules on the ingested data, to avoid creating a data pool where it is impossible to find anything. Sectra’s solution allows the EMR to send clinical context to the VNA (e.g. MRN, accession number, department ID, referring physician, reading physician, etc.). On top of this, department-specific metadata is added automatically and the user may add additional metadata when required. A content notification message back to the EMR closes the loop and the EMR may embed or link to Sectra’s universal viewer to show images, PDF documents, video clips and more.



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