Sectra VNA components

Sectra VNA allows you to consolidate image handling, while ensuring clinical workflow efficiency, growth management and business continuity.

A storage agnostic archive

Sectra VNA is storage-neutral, supporting your existing or future storage strategy – regardless of your choice of vendor and whether your storage is local, central or cloud-based. This gives you freedom when, for example, expanding or decreasing your storage.

Sectra VNA also features sophisticated information life cycle management (ILM) that takes into account clinical relevance, file age and last access, allowing you to increase the cost efficiency of your storage.

Searching and presenting patient information

Sectra VNA enables powerful search functionality. By indexing all information in the VNA, all stored information on a patient can be searched and presented in a detailed overview. With an XDS registry at its core, Sectra VNA makes it possible for any connected system or viewer to get the same level of overview of images, documents and other files stored in the VNA.

In addition to pure XDS registry functionality, Sectra VNA also features full-text index search of all informatics, providing a richer clinical content repository that allows more advanced applications.

Supporting mergers and acquisitions

In a growing organization, mergers and acquisitions could further amplify the need for expanded storage capabilities. Consolidation is often the long-term goal, but in the short term that might not be possible. Sectra VNA offers the means to share data efficiently between different systems and to migrate other archives in a structured way. The migration tools available in our VNA allow you to increase the speed of data transfer during off-peak hours, for example, and assign higher priority in the migration queue to data used in ongoing care processes. This ensures you maintain the same performance and quality of service during data migration as you would during normal operations.

Sectra also provides an efficient systems integration tool that assists in the integration of Sectra products into complex hospital IT environments.

Disaster resilience

Designed for 24/7 operations, Sectra VNA takes redundancy, emergency failover systems and rapid disaster recovery into account – minimizing the risk and impact of failure. The robustness of Sectra’s solutions provides industry-leading uptimes with low maintenance costs. And thanks to a solid project methodology based on over 20 years’ experience, we have an implementation record that is hard to beat.

Patient privacy and access rights

As departmental systems are consolidated, users have greater access to information, making patient privacy an important aspect of the VNA strategy. To ensure a record is kept of who reads or sees what information, and when and under what conditions this occurs, Sectra VNA includes a log service in adherence to the IHE Audit Record Repository, a part of the ATNA profile.


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